Quiet beaches for a day trip from Baltimore?
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Do you have any secret spots within an hour or so of Baltimore that you want to share with the entirety of the internets? Unlike previous AskMes, I don't want to go swimming, or deal with a billion tourists. I just want to go read a good book near the water for a day (ideally on a quiet beach, or in a park near a beach).
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There's a pond in Oregon Ridge park, but it's not really a sit-and-read place. Instead of a beach, consider taking your reading toa spot near the Loch Raven Reservoir. There are plenty of nice water views there.
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An hour from Baltimore? Not many beaches an hour from Baltimore, at least not on the ocean. Definitely some great state parks at the northern end of the Bay, some of which have beaches, but an hour just won't get you to the coast. For beaches on the ocean you have to get further down the Delmarva, and we're talking two hours at the very minimum. More like three.

So if it's just hanging out by the water you're looking for, check out places like Flying Point Park or Elk Neck State Park, both of which have recreation areas right by the Bay. Heck, Susquehanna State Park has some on the river, which is even less likely to be mobbed by tourists.
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I spent a nice afternoon at Rock Creek Park with friends who live in Baltimore. Small, secluded stream with no tourists.
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This is actually IN Baltimore, but I used to love to take my Sunday paper and sit by the water at Ft McHenry. There are also plenty of areas of Patapsco State Park that feature riverside trails... You could probably easily find a beach or boulder to hang out on -- I recommend the Hilton area.
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You might try Fort Smallwood Park. It's a nonswimming beach so the waterfront shouldn't be too crowded. I don't know how the insect situation is in July but that's always something to consider with waterfront areas on the bay.
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I've been to Breezy Point on the bay which is about 90 minutes outside of Baltimore. I went on the 4th of July, so it was pretty packed, but very low key. Lots of families with kids hanging out on the sand but we had a great time swimming and reading.

Photos and more info from Trip Advisor.

Also helpful, Washingtonian did a nice write up of swimming spots that are near DC. Not sure how many of them are close enough to Baltimore.
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About a half-hour drive away are the pot rocks at (Big) Gunpowder Falls. While not a beach scene, they pot rocks are like huge, flat boulders in the middle of the river, and they're a wonderfully meditative setting to stretch out and relax, and you can even dip your toes in the fairly clear water. Sometimes people swim a few feet out into the river from the rocks but their presence generally depends on the time of day you go. I've found it to be isolated for the most part, which could be a concern for some. You would need to walk on a leafy dirt trail a short distance (maybe 5-10 minutes, IIRC) to get to the pot rocks from the nearest park entrance, and the path eventually changes in elevation (down to get to the rocks).
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