Oh Pants! Ladies Pants, that is.
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I am in need of comfortable, loose, modest pants/trousers suitable for sitting cross-legged on the floor for long periods of time. This will be in public, so unfortunately pj's are out. Preferrably under 40US and not hideous to look at. Yoga pants are too form-fitting. I'm a US ladies size 8/10 with a small waist, womanly hips and thighs and 5'3"ish. Any ideas?
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Best answer: Wide leg yoga pants are on sale for $14 right now at Old Navy. They even come in petite sizes. You might also consider Hanes French terry sweatpants for $30.
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Best answer: I like linen pants for this. I got a pair from target last year. No link from my phone but many stores should be carrying them in the summer. I also find wide leg dress pants with a wide waist band are comfortable for floor sitting!
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Best answer: The style might be too hippy for your tastes, but you might want to look into thai fisherman pants. You put them on like this. Etsy has a large selection (I think this pair is pretty cute).
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Best answer: Land's End has a line called Starfish that's a nice cross between yoga pants and normal cloth pants. I found them to be cut generously and you might need to hem them, but they're really comfortable.
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Best answer: XCVI.
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Best answer: Let me second the Thai fisherman pants - I have a pair that I got at a clothing swap and I will wear those puppies until they disintegrate. They are STUPID comfortable, adorable, and perfect for floor sitting.
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Best answer: I just bought these pants from Macy's and they are really lovely and comfortable and forgiving, although the white is a bit on the sheer side.
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Best answer: Cargo pants might work. They tend to be a bit loose.
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Best answer: Lucy pants! I have a similar body shape to you and I love them. Similar to yoga pants, but not tight.
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Best answer: A little more pricey, but they don't look frumpy and last forever - Dipper pants from Athleta
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Best answer: Ureshii Lounge Pant! Mail order made to measure, will be very comfy and flattering!
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I must admit I don't quite get the question. What rules out a pair of jeans? If they fit right and aren't too tight you shouldn't have any problem sitting cross-legged in them. (Or is this where my inner self suddenly reveals herself as dowdy and middle-aged, kind of like how I actually keep things in my pockets?)

If it has to be more formal, any pair of khakis or slacks seems like it would do.
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Best answer: I will admit to being completely baffled by women's clothing sizes, but my first thought was Gi pants (usually associated with Brazilian jiu jitsu/MMA training). Amazon has similar stuff -- super comfortable, especially in summer.
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Best answer: Linen pants for sure. I love the ones I have from Uniqlo (no link, sorry, glacial internet speeds at the moment) - they were about $30 when I got them last year, and i have them in green and navy. Best spend of my life, and they are definitely not pajamas.
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Response by poster: Thanks all! These are great ideas.
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