Microphone Recommendation for Using Skype?
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Can someone recommend a microphone for using Skype?

I would like to try Skype. I'm 99% sure that I need a microphone to do this. I've never had a microphone for any of my PCs. Can someone recommend a decent, reasonably priced microphone that will work with Skype and possibly any other types of software I might try using with my microphone once I realize how cool it is to have a microphone for my PC? While you are at it can you throw in a recommendation for a webcam as well? Do they ever bundle a nice microphone and webcam together? I'm running Microsoft Windows XP if that makes a difference. Thanks!
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I have this headset and I love it so much I would marry it. You want to have a headset rather than a microphone for voice chatting, especially if you're a gamer. Also, preferably, a cable connection. Dialup and DSL connections using Skype seem to be ... less than optimal.
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If you think you'll use Skype much at all you should just pick up one of the umpteen million microphone+headset options out there. You'll have no issue finding them at a computer store or Best Buy. I've got an altec lansing one I use but I can't tell the difference between it any any other model I have tried.
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I use the same headset as WolfDaddy, and although I wouldn't marry it (can't do bigamy), I find that it works well with Skype (cable connection).

And you can get it with free shipping from Amazon.
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It's over kill for just skype but I love my Logitech Orbit. It seems to work well with out tyeing me to the machine. Combined with wireless internet on my laptop I can have a long conversation with my father while working in my woodworking shop.
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Dialup may be pushing it a little on Skype (though it does work), but I have DSL, and have zero issues talking to a diverse group of users, and notice no difference between the DSL and my old cable connection. I've also used skype via a broadband satellite, and had a bit of lag (1sec ping will do that) but otherwise it worked just fine.
Any headset will work great. The reason you should use a headset is that you get nasty feedback and it generally sounds lousy if you just have your speakers and a microphone.
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The P*Phone looks cool.
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I love Skype and use it all the time, and I would agree that you should definitely get a headset.
Personally, I really like my Plantronics headset. In fact, I liked the one I bought for home so much that I bought one for work too. It's very comfy, and the sound is excellent. It's a little more pricey than some of the others I've tried, but oh, so much more comfortable.
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I bought a $1.50 microphone at the local computer store, and the sound on Skype with it is clearer & cleaner than a regular phone
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