How do I cook this 2.6 Tritip roast *without a grill*?
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I have a 2.6 lb tritip roast, all seasoned and ready to throw on the grill.... but just discovered that the grill is out of fuel. How should I cook this thing in the oven? I do not have a grill pan (until this exact moment they always seemed silly).
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You can roast it like any other roast. I'd suggest marinating it in wine, celery, carrots and onions overnight, searing it in a bit of oil on the rangetop and then sticking it in the oven for about 2 hours at 250 or so in a covered casserole dish. Yum. You'll get a gravy out of it that way, too, and a really tasty one depending on how fatty the cut is.

Another way: here
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Do you have a meat thermometer? Stick it in a 350-450 oven for 30-50 minutes (check temp early) and shoot for ~140-145 F for medium. The roasting temp you choose really determines the texture of the outer surface of the roast, personally I would use a higher temp for a more roast-like outer surface. Also see: chowhound on oven roasting a tri-tip
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Do you have an oven-proof pan/skillet? This is pretty much how I do mine every time (except I coat it in a boatload of spicy brown mustard plus s&p).

(The mustard is so good btw. Makes a crust.)
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Into the oven it goes, thanks soooo much! That chowhound link was exactly what I needed. If I could give you beef through the internet, I totally would.
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