High-quality, low-carbon pictures needed!
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Looking for images that depict a brave low-carbon world of tomorrow

So I work in a team working on low-carbon transport policy in the UK. We are looking to decorate our office walls with some images that symbolise a brave low-carbon transport future and I thought I would turn to the hive mind for answers. Surely some of you have seen some beautiful thought provoking images?

Mainly looking for:
- pictures of low-carbon transport, biofuels, electric cars etc.
- general images explaining mans impact on the environment (like the famous blue marble)
- fascinating charts visualising data on climate change, environmental degradation
- general advice on where to find these sorts of images.

Links to pictures preferred, will also need to be fairly high-res to be useful (we're going to put them up on the walls). Thanks in advance!
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One of the most iconic images in sustainable and efficient transport is probably the Muenster "Space Taken Up by 60 People" poster (in a car, on a bus, on bicycles). Here's a link to some improved designs of the original.
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There are a couple of hydrogen filling stations around, you could find pics of those.
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