Bowtie-themed food?
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I'm planning a bowtie-themed party, and would like to be able to serve snacks and dinner fare that are bowtie-themed in some way. The association between bowties and the food in question can be fairly loose, but I'd like all the food to have some tie-in to the theme (pun intended).

At the moment, here's all I've got:
  • Something with bowtie pasta (naturally)
  • Bobotie, purely because the spelling is close to "bowtie"
  • Orville Redenbacher popcorn
What are your suggestions?
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It's a stretch, but: Chocolate Silk Pie?
posted by jquinby at 7:14 AM on July 12, 2013

Does Colonel Sanders string tie count?
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I'd set out a bowl of ribbon candy for people to nom on.

Asparagus with a bit of goat cheese wrapped up in prosciutto is delicious--I'm sure you could wrap it in such a way that it looked like a bow tie, or maybe do two asparagus sprigs in an X shape so they looked bowtie-y.
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Spaghetti hot dogs look kind of like bow ties.
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You can fairly easily make wonton wrappers into bowtie shapes and fill them in the middle with whatever. I'd suggest sweet and/or savory

- chocolate chips and/or pnut butter
- cabbage/carrots
- little meat numnums
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Cocktail weiners in honor of Pee Wee Herman.
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Puff pastry dough works, too.
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Farfalle, better known as bow-tie pasta.
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Tuxedo Cake
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Something huckleberry (jam, soda, taffy, jelly beans, etc.) flavored in honor of Huckleberry Hound.
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Tuxedo cheese or strawberries
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Triangular samosas can be arranged bow tiedly.
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Martinis for James Bond.
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Make biscuits or very small pizzas shaped with a bow-tie cookie cutter.
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Bow tie donuts.

...and perhaps a bit meta, but fans of the 11th Doctor Who fans at your party will get it right away: fish fingers and custard.
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Get a veg cutter that will let you cut big wide strips of cukes, zukes, and carrots. make long wide strips, and wrap the smaller strips around the long strips folded like bow ties (or pinned to a display board (suitable for eating from, foil-wrapped cork) with a bit of cheese or something).

Could also take some sandwich bread, make some dainty eating sandwiches; either cut in triangles and arrange like a bowtie, or cut a bowtie (by subtracting two smaller triangles) shape, then using the cut out mini triangles as decoration around the bowties (like litle flags). Same thing with cheese slices, jello (I'd make the Jigglers recipe for more form).

Dipped strawberries - dipped in white chocolate, then dark chocolate (leave some white showing) and then paint on a bowtie (like a tuxedo).

Hot dogs in a blanket; fatter wrap on the outside than the middle.

Do you do fancy shaped rice? I'd make sticky rice and dye it, then shape it like bow ties with stripes or polka dots or whatever.
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Any recipe from Christopher Kimball of America's Test Kitchen!
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Fish fingers and custard. (edit: nevermind, someone already mentioned this one)
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Life on Mars (Life cereal and Mars bars cooked in the oven)
Twiglet Starburst
The Flan Who Sold the World
All the Young Foods (salad of baby carrots, baby bell peppers etc)
..and of course
..and some
Redbull Redbull
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Response by poster:'s bowtie, not Bowie. Please don't delete your comment, though--if I have a Bowie party (which I really want to do now, thanks to your comment) I may use your ideas.
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A caterer I worked with used to serve these Tuxedo Chocolate Covered Strawberries.
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Well that"ll teach me to browse MeFi without my glasses on.
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A bow tie cookie cutter can cut not only cookies, but finger sandwiches, jello, sponge cake, toast points, cheese slices...

Also see #5 on this list for bow tie ice cubes.
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Puttin' on the Ritz (crackers).
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Two triangular tortilla chips stuck into a small cheese ball (or firm hummus or whatever).

Depending on how much work you want to do, you could always microwave some fortune cookies and reform them into a more bowtie-like shape (you could even replace the fortunes with bowtie related quotes or something).

Again, some work here, but you could buy some fruit leather and cut out either bowtie shapes or go all out and cut out untied bowtie lengths. Tie them or not.

Bacon can be formed into a shape, then baked to keep its form.
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Some Thai food?
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And Mai-Tai to drink?
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Budweiser Bowtie-Shaped cans?
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