Are there well-done bibliographies for 40s/50s/60s sci-fi pulps?
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Are there any relatively comprehensive bibliographic encyclopedias of science fiction pulp short story publications that I haven't found?

I've been working on reforming the Wikipedia list of Philip K. Dick's short stories for the past two days to include publication magazines and dates. The process has involved cross-referencing many websites. It's struck me how inadequate the online bibliographical resources I've found are for silver age sci-fi. Even with a canonical writer like PKD, the fan resources are either incomplete or overly difficult to navigate. I can't imagine, say, if I wanted to find out all of George O. Smith's magazine publications. I'm over halfway done with my revisions, but I'm wondering if there's a print or online source that I've missed that has a relatively comprehensive and practically navigable bibliography of science fiction pulp magazines and authors.

My great hope is that there's already some online source that allows me to easily navigate by category in order to answer somewhat esoteric questions (i.e. what are all the PKD stories appeared in Startling Stories? or stories that first appeared in April?), but any good bibliographies of the golden and silver age of sci-fi mags are very much welcome recommendations.

All bibliographic resources for magazine based science fiction are very much welcome, even if they don't quite fit the criteria of my question. I'm sure I'll be able to find some use for them.
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ISFDB may address some of these needs.
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I was going to suggest ISFDB too. It's the best thing I know of for what you're looking for.
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There are actually quite a few print bibliographies for pre-1990s stuff. Magill's or Gale's, for example, which has a second volume.

There's a lot of other stuff on WorldCat, too. Again, these are all print -- if you're near a large research library, they might have enough that it would be worth a trip?

And if you're really focused just on one author, I might try that author's name plus "bibliograph*" in WorldCat, so Philip K. Dick and bibliograph*.

You can mess around with WorldCat to narrow down to the official Library of Congress subject for Dick, Philip K. -- Bibliography, but I find that sometimes the cataloging is a little inconsistent, so working with a more broad keyword search will scoop up additional titles.

Short answer: people in the 1970s and 1980s LOVED making print lists of science fiction, you will probably find a good one in WorldCat and hopefully it will be at Your Local Library.
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