Waypoints in Google Maps for iOS
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I feel like it should have been dead-simple to find this, and maybe the fact that it's not means the answer is no--but is it possible to add a waypoint in Google Maps for iOS? That is, I'm driving from A to B, and midway realize I want to stop at, say, Target, and I search and find a Target reasonably nearby. Is there a way to add target as a via destination? I haven't been able to figure it out with a little poking around, and it seems like an ultra basic function to have.
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Unfortunately I'm not so sure it is possible.

I've tried this in the past, and just tried again.

I built a route in the google maps web application, using Chicago to New York via New Orleans.

Then I formated the above link for the iOS by replacing https://www.google.com/maps with comgooglemaps://, and sent the resulting link to my e-mail account, where I was able to open it on my iPhone.

Once open, Google Maps was only showing the route between the first 2 points. It looks like any additional points are simply ignored.

I would think if there was an undocumented way to route with multiple destinations, this would be it.

For reference, this is the link that I sent to my iPhone:

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I've had better luck with mapquest. It's UI is junky, but it lets me plot multiple points - and rearrange, edit, etc.

I can't imagine why apple and google maps don't have this yet.
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