Wanted: Tall size, nice looking, lightweight men's rain jacket
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Can you recommend a men's rain jacket that is available in tall sizes, lightweight, and doesn't look overly sporty or technical?

I need a rain jacket and I'm willing to pay for it after years of being frustrated with cheap rain jackets. I'm in Boston, so I need something that is lightweight enough that I won't swelter during a rainy summer day. And I need it to be available in size Large Tall. I'd also like for it to look like a relatively nice jacket rather than technical climbing gear or something for running a marathon. And if I can be picky, I'd like the jacket to be dark and not a shade of blue or red/maroon; greens, grays, and browns would be preferred. I tried this Eddie Bauer Windfoil Parka, but it was way too heavy and warm, but otherwise fit all of my criteria. Umbrellas are not an option; I'm a photographer and need both hands free.
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L. L. Bean Trail Model! Fits all of your requirements, and it's pretty cheap too. The style is not overly-technical; I would say it's a very classic, American look. I love mine. Consider sizing down if you want a more fitted look (I wear a 17/37 shirt and got a Large Tall).

Put This On likes it, too!
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Marmot Precip?
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3-1 Squall in Rich Green from Lands' End.
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I've been loving L.L. Bean's tall stuff recently, and yes, their sizes run large. I was first amazed to find things (any things) in their store that fit, and more amazed that I'm only XLT in their eyes. 6'5", 235 pounds, for reference.
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I should add--I'm typically 18/39 in dress shirts, and the sleeves on the XXLT shirts were too long.
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Nau's clothing has declined in quality, but their outerwear has not. It's well-designed and excellent quality.

They don't do "tall" sizes, but they tend to be cut for longer bodies.
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Response by poster: Unfortunately, I've got a short torso but very long arms and legs, so those Nau jackets might not work for me.

I've ordered the Marmot listed above.
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