Do you know this pretty alt-country-ish song?
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I fell in love with a song in a coffee shop today and unfortunately don't have a smart phone to recognize songs for me, so here I am hoping someone might know it. It was a lovely, mid-paced alt-country type of song with some steel guitar, a soprano female singer (with, I think, a female harmony part as well on the chorus), and I think the first line of the chorus ran, "Oh, baby, you're my one and only."

Of course if you Google that phrase a ton of stuff comes up, and none of it looked right. I'm also not even sure those were really the words, because the song was playing so softly! I made a super-quick recording of myself singing the melody here. (Please excuse my reedy voice; I tried to sing it in the key I remembered it being in, which was pretty high!)

Does it sound familiar at all?
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Gillian Welch - Only One and Only? (Edit: Never mind, doesn't seem to match your recording.)
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Response by poster: Not the one, but a gorgeous tune, thanks for sharing it with me!
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Best answer: Was it Kate Earl's One Woman Army?
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Boring practical answer: can you call the coffee shop or better yet visit at a slow time, explain the situation, and ask nicely where they get their music? It will either be a CD or MP3 player (will have the artist name), a radio station (contact the station or check online set list), an online streaming source like Pandora (this will be the hardest), or a commercial "music tapes without commercials or usually profanity used by businesses" source like Muzak (contact the company).

Regardless of result, be full of praise for the coffee shop and its excellent taste in music, then buy a coffee and leave a BIG tip. Be similarly complimentary in any contacts you have with radio/Muzak company/etc.
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Hmm, not sure if this is a complete match, but it might be Mindy Smith's Come to Jesus.
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Response by poster: Lady Mondegreen strikes again! kellyk801 has it. I guess I thought I heard more country influences than I did--but still a very pretty song. Thank you, everybody!
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