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Planning a week in Vancouver in October, thinking of renting a condo instead of staying in a hotel. Anyone done this? Recommendations / things to look out for?

What generally happens when you rent a condo for a week? I’m assuming things like dishes, cookware and linens are provided; is there usually a washer and dryer or should we find a place convenient to a laundromat? Are the units generally cleaned / checked between rentals or is there a chance we’ll get one that’s been trashed by the people before us? I don’t mind cleaning up after myself, but having to clean up after other people would make me very grumpy. What recourse would we have if something went wrong? What sort of questions should we ask before we rent?

Also, which areas of the city would be best / worst? We are a mid-forties married couple with no kids; we like: good eats, theatre, museums, art galleries, shopping (record stores, book / comics stores, funky gifts / unique clothes), cool bars / occasional live music, and would like to be within easy walking / public trans of these things, as well as a decent grocery store if we’ll be cooking for ourselves some nights.

Thanks in advance!
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AirBnb is the answer! All of the amenities are laid out quite clearly. Go with a place with recommendations and there won't be any surprises. There are also generic condos for visitors, and they too will clearly outline the amenities within the place.

The West End or Yaletown areas would be good bets. Gastown is possible too but it can be hit or miss.

We've had fantastic experiences all over the world using Airbnb.
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Check out Times Square Suites. It's a hotel, but "rooms" are converted condos/apartments, have dishes, washer/dryer, lots of space. Right next to Stanley park, and there's a Safeway across the street.
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Re: AirBnb - Other people will give you better, longer answers, but one thing I'd ask that others may not think of is whether the place you're considering is owned or rented by the current tenants. If it's rented and the landlord hasn't OKed it, your visit could be cut short by the landlord and/or made unpleasant by neighbours who (quite possibly legitimately) do not appreciate new folks trekking in/out/under/above all of the time.
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