UK best new Phone, provider & all you can eat data package?
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If you could start from scratch, no contract holding you back...I'm confused by the comparison websites so Mefites, it needs to be with a new iPhone (to sync with the family's iCloud), I need to be able to tether it to my iPad while travelling but not for massive graphics or anything, just e-mails, websites, downloads from Amazon Kindle etc.,

I made the mistake a few months back of accepting a "better" and more expensive monthly package on my landline & broadband from BT. I was assured my usage would fall within the capacity of the package but I'm routinely paying £50 p.m extra for data.

(??Lots of new devices in the house, often automatically downloading the same e-mails to several devices or the manchild's Playstation use??, I'll track down the reasons when I have a minute but bonus points if you can tell me how to do this)

so I don't want to make the same mistakes with the mobile package. I want genuinely all you can eat data and if it has relatively cheap roaming costs that would be a plus as I am travelling in Europe on a monthly basis. Ideas? Recommendations? warnings? Tips?

warm thanks!
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Best answer: The "One Plan" from three has all you can eat data and allows tethering (not sure if you have a tethering allowance, I know you do if you have the tethering add-on but there's no mention of a limit for the One Plan). Roaming charges vary depending on where you're going but I think they're pretty heavily regulated (capped) as of this month so massive roaming charges shouldn't be too much of a concern anymore. this is their info page on roaming
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Response by poster: thanks! looking at that, in the meantime I realised on my phone I don't use much of the phone minutes and text allowances, I use far more data, I'm wondering if I should go to a SIM for my iPad with a large data allowance and use Skype Premium for all calls and texts, especially as a lot of the calls and texts are international.
Gulp, maybe I don't need a mobile?
Then there would be the problem of people ringing me I guess....
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I've heard good things about giffgaff from friends ...
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Best answer: I'm on the three one plan and have had no problems. As far as I know they're the only uk network who do unlimited data and allow tethering.

I tether my iPad from my iPhone with no problems.
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