Should I stay with Gmail?
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I have a silly personal email that I've used over the years, but I'm wondering if it makes sense to switch from Gmail to another email provider or possibly Google Apps under my own domain.

It seems like Google is trying to pull everyone through their own hoops especially since Google Sync stopped working as it was discontinued for regular non-Google Apps accounts. I miss the full integration that my email had with my iPhone, but now I have to use their own app which feels a bit clunky and uncomfortable.

Either way I'm thinking of changing my personal email address, but I'm wondering if I should stay with regular Gmail, use Google Apps under my own domain, or move to another email provider. If so, what is a good email provider for today's day and age (and particularly iPhone friendly)?
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I did this in reverse of you but I've had much better luck using gmail than I had using my own domain email over a period of about 12 years (think I switched hosts about 3 times during the 12 years.) The gmail app for android is also pretty clunky but I still prefer it to having the mail sitting on my own domain. YMMV, of course.
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FWIW, I haven't noticed any change in Gmail with my iPhone (and I don't use their app), and I just used Google Sync to manage some calendars this past weekend. Are you sure it isn't your setup?

If you aren't aware, new "Google Apps for [Your] Domain" accounts are now called Google Apps for Business and cost $50/user/year. So if you haven't already set it up, you may be out of luck for a free solution there.
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Google sync still works fine on IOS. Set up a new mail account through settings, but don't choose the gmail option. Rather use the Microsoft Exchange option. Add all your email details. When it asks for a server you type

Problem solved! Sync your email, contacts and calendar.

I would also recommend checking out the wonderful MailBox app, which completely revolutionised the way I use email. iPhone inbuilt email is quite sucky, but the instructions above will definitely work. Good luck
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Response by poster: This does not work as of January 30, 2013. Information here:
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Existing users can continue to use Google Sync on their current devices.
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Response by poster: I'm on a replacement device.
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Response by poster: Those instructions do not work for me for that reason. I get "Connection to the mail server failed". I set it up on an older iPhone a while ago and I used the same instructions as given.
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Sorry, botched the link, i guess.
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I have the same problem. I got a replacement iPhone a few months ago and google considers it a new device and so I can either use the gmail app or imap without push. For my personal domain that is managed via googled have the same problem. At least with that account a I can pay google to get EAS back. Meanwhile on my iPad everything still works fine.

My current halfassed way of getting notifications is I have the gmail app on my iPhone give me notifications and then use the iPhone mail app to read the mail.

I've been using icloud for contacts and calendar since it was called dot Mac on my PowerBook so I'm not affected by that aspect.

What grinds my gears is I'd pay google to get EAS back for my gmail account but they don't sell it.
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I’ve recently started moving some of my stuff away from Google for various reasons, and have set up an email address based on, using Zoho as the platform.

It’s cool and all to have your own name as the domain on your email address, and fwiw I do think it looks a bit more “professional” too, however it’s not been plain sailing. Whatever their other failings, Gmail works well and trying to get that same level of integration with various iDevices, laptops and PCs with email, calendars and contacts has made me realise just how good they are and how much I relied on them. I don't intend to move back, and on the whole I’m glad I've started to move away, but there aren't many other services out there to rival them for convenience and quality at their particular price point.
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Try atmail (14-day trial, then $2/month). It has everything you need including EAS (email sync).
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Honestly, I'd stick with gmail. In my opinion, email addresses are a long term thing. I used to go through too many of them years ago until I settled on gmail. I have my own domains, but I barely use them for email. I find it easier and more reliable to use gmail.
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My recommendation would be that you get yourself your own domain and then use Google Apps. If the worst comes to the worst and you want to move away from Google, then (amongst others) will happily let you use your own domain.

There are multiple ways to configure your iPhone with Google and the pros and cons of each are listed here. In case it helps, my set-up is as follows:


Add Account > Gmail
Ensure only "Mail" is enabled, "Calendars" and "Notes" should be disabled.


Add Account > Other > CalDav


Add Account > Other > CardDav

For Tasks, I use a free app called "GoTasks".
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