Like io9 but covers books instead of TV Shows
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Where do you go to read about written science fiction? Not a recommendation engine like GoodReads (or god help me Amazon), but somewhere that talks about new books coming out, old books you may have missed, reviews, previews, release dates, etc? And if they want to throw in some actual science, all the better.

I reference io9 in the title because I really like most of their original writing and science coverage, but they focus way too much on TV for me (I don't have one) and rarely cover books (I read about two a week).

Also fewer zombies would be great, but I'm not expecting miracles.
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Asimov's is still in print, and they put a lot of stuff online for free (for instance, new book roundup from this month's issue)
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I tend to go to SF authors' personal blogs (Mefi's Own jscalzi and cstross have really good ones). But I think every SF author's blog I've read talks about not just their new books, but the new books of friends, old books I may have missed, links to reviews and previews, and the like.
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Not a blog, but there's a subreddit dedicated to print sci-fi.
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SF Signal. And Tor's pretty good; they cover other books besides their own.
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Seconding infinitewindow on the recommendation for jscalzi's blog Whatever in particular. His Big Idea series has led me to a whole lot of fantastic books.

The rest of his posts are consistently intelligent and entertaining as well, so there's that.
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SF Site is my go to. Their annual picks and readers annual picks are great ways to catch up on significant books you may have missed.
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Strange Horizons does reviews too
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A Dribble of Ink does some really in depth coverage and reviews.
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Good Show Sir is always good for a Sci-Fi cover related giggle...
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Worlds without end.
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