Can Google Calendar give more details with mouseover?
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Here's what I want Google Calendar to do: I want it to show any event details with a simple mouseover on the event, instead of a mouseover just showing the title of the event. As it is now, to see details I have to click and scroll down to the Description field, which is clunky and sucky. Is there a way to make a mouseover happen?
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Best answer: I don't know of a way to attach to mouseover events on the items on the calendar itself, but I do know of a way you can currently put extra details into an agenda view on the sidebar. Have a look at the sample gadgets in the Google Calendar Sidebar Gadgets documentation. The "Next Event" gadget still works, and I know for sure it can be extended to show more events and different details, because I once did that (though I don't have the source anymore).

I'm much less sure that writing out onmouseover= or your own DOM manipulation code will work in the sidebar, but who knows. I'm also not sure how much life this feature has left in it. Google is deprecating the Add Gadget by URL gadget, although they may still allow gadgets to be added the way those examples are.

I haven't created any Event Gadgets, but I don't think they do what you want--I believe they're kind of a separate class of event you can push in and declare to have a special behavior rather than a normal event, created the normal way, but having a nice extra behavior.

I think all your other customization options would entail giving up direct web access to Google Calendar and writing your own UI that uses the Calendar API.
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