Pimp my fancy up-do: Philadelphia edition
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Philadelphia-filter: ISO of an awesome salon or hair and makeup team for a wedding.

We're making things official next year, and I realized that I am in grave need of a salon or freelancer who does fancy hair and makeup for such events. I have semi-long, pretty bog standard hair, and I guess I'm going for a bun-type thing, but nothing super-crazy difficult (no airbrushing, etc.)

Do you or any of your friends and loved ones know of an awesome person who does gala and/or wedding hair? Or even just a good salon to look into? Preferably in Old City/Graduate Hospital/Rittenhouse, but as long as it's a fifteen minute cab ride from Old City, that's fine. I am aware that the prices for said services are crazy expensive. Thank you very much!

Side notes: I know that we have a lot of great resources to buy quality makeup in the area, but I am 100% not interested in the DIY route. We have not yet sorted out whether the bridal party will be having makeup done together, but my guess is that it will just be me.
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Here's what you do. Go to some salons and ask to see wedding portfolios. When you see something you like, you go in for a trial run with your veil. Have some pics taken so you can see what it all looks like on film.

Then make arrangements for the day of your wedding.

You always do a trial run a week or so before the wedding.

Also, you will have approx 700 bobby pins to pick out of it at the end of the night.

Yes, you pay for this twice. Yes, it's worth it.
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Best answer: My fiancee and I have both gone to Salon Blush in Fishtown and they're awesome. However, a bunch of their stylists have left in the past few months so I'm not sure what that's all about but I'd recommend them regardless.

My fiancee does plan on going to her formal Salon Blush stylist, Rachael, for her hair and makeup. Rachael did move to a salon somewhere in Rittenhouse but the name escapes me at the moment. MeMail me if you want more details.
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I'm a big fan of Moko in Old City. Yeah, they're expensive, but not too much more so than the rest of the ripoff industry, and they're really, really good. Seconding Ruthless Bunny on getting a runthrough beforehand.

Plus, unlike most hair salon places, it actually smells really good, thanks to the hippie dippie rosemary mint amazeballs shampoo they use.

Plus, they have the chillest, most amazing wire fox terrier ever, and I could watch him nap in the corner for hours.
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I liked Beehive in Fairmount - they came to our hotel and did our hair/makeup beautifully. I can send you pics of hair/makeup as a reference if you'd like.
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My friend went to Juju Salon (on 4th st between Bainbridge & Fitzwater) to get her hair and makeup done, we all also got our hair did. They did a great job and did not make her look over makeup-y or plastic haired. They use organic makeup there, too.
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Response by poster: Hey, thanks again for everyone's personal recommendations, it's really appreciated-- I'm going to do a test run at Volume in Rittenhouse (thanks Diskeater and co.! It's one of the best location-wise for us too) and sort out the makeup along the way.
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