decision tree maker software?
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The best free or supercheap decision tree software?

I don't have a lot of time to learn to use it, and I'll need it (probably) for only a few weeks, so ease of use is more important than features. A nice-looking output is a bonus.
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Nothing but good things to say about Freemind. Nicest and smoothest java app I've used besides IntelliJ IDEA. Here are some screenshots.
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When I was trying out their suite of stuff, I played around with Precision Tree a little. It's integrated with Excel (Windows only) - not hard to use, but the output could be prettier. I didn't have any problems with it, but I also wasn't doing much with it. The trial runs out after 10 days.
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furtive, Freemind is amazing, you may have changed my life.
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Response by poster: furtive-- freemind looks pretty cool, but can it do stuff like this?
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Kwantsar: Alas I'm not able to get it to put text on the lines themselves, although I could have sworn it was possible. Oh well.
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Ooo - you might dig CmapTools!
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Response by poster: CmapTools, like FreeMind, looks awfully cool, and I am grateful to everyone who is trying to help. But I'm looking to place dollar values, probabilities, and other math stuff at nodes, and have it do the math for me. Yes, yes, I know, it's all simple multiplication, and any idiot can do it, but getting acquainted with a program like the one linked by milkrate without paying huge dollars is the goal.
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have you tried mindmanager?
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WEKA has implementations of several decision tree algorithms. It also has a nice gui for accessing all its functionality.
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