Help writing Roast Jokes for hubby's 40th?
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I'm throwing the hubster a roast for his 40th birthday. I have some specific jokes written, but I need to fill in the gaps. A little background about him... 1. He's overweight. 2. He is very handy, almost McGuyver-like. 3. He is politically conservative (loves Reagan). 4. He owns a business. Any ideas are greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance for your help!!
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Visual Joke: An aged or caricature painting/photo/cake photo.

When I was in high school, by boyfriend's mother commissioned me to paint a portrait of her husband as "elderly" for his "over the hill" party. (Yeah, it's totally not intimidating painting a portrait of your new boyfriend's father as a wrinkly old man or anything.) But, it's a pretty funny idea and fit into their theme.

Caricatures can be funny but also done in good spirit. Aged photos or caricatures also exaggerate features which adds to people being able to laugh at them.
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Oh man, the mind reels. Too bad the Friars club doesn't have all their stuff online. You might be able to find some roasts from the 80s, at least. The roast of Ronald Reagan was epic. Just make sure you say something like "I only wrote half of this."
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Maybe hand him a lobster bib cause of the trickle down theory?
What sort of business does he own?
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Response by poster: Its a manufacturing business. Great ideas so far...thanks!
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Since he loves Reagan you can do the "20th anniversary of his 20th birthday" shtick that Reagan did ad nauseum. I'd mention it multiple times, culminating in the "40th anniversary of the gleam in his father's/mother's eye."
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Too bad the Friars club doesn't have all their stuff online.

Some of the 1970's Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts are on youtube.
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