Two person strategy games for the iPad?
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My sister and I enjoy playing Carcassonne on her iPad whenever we're together, but we are getting tired of playing the same game all the time. What are other good two person games we could play with each other on an iPad?

We enjoy Carcassonne because it's a strategy game that we can easily set aside and pick up again (and know where we were in the game), it's fun, and turns go very quickly. We're not interested in pure games of chance like Yahtzee. Something where we pass the iPad back and forth works well. Any suggestions?
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My friends and I play a lot of Letterpress.
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Small World would be pretty easy to put down and pick up, and you can play a game in 30-45 minutes when you know what you're doing.
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Tigris and Euphrates is a good one.
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Best answer: I love Carcassonne as well. Ingenious is pretty good. Letterpress is fun too. Sometimes the word asynchronous is thrown around to describe turn-based games. Ticket to Ride, even the pocket version, is pretty great. I like Samurai by Reiner Knizia. If you don't mind the learning curve of European boardgames, you could check out this section of boardgame geek:

IOS boardgames
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Ticket To Ride is pretty simple to learn, and Agricola and Puerto Rico are great (although a great deal more difficult to learn - I'd recommend checking out YouTube video's for good tutorials. This Agricola video is a good introduction).
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In addition to Tigris, Carcassonne, and Samurai, we also play tons of Lost Cities. It's for iPhone but works on iPad, and the graphics don't suffer much.
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It might be a tad on the heavy side, but I'm gonna recommend Le Havre anyway because it's a fantastic board game, works really well with two players, and the iOS version (from what I recall) is really well done. It even has a very nice set of tutorials as well.

Here's a link.
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Eclipse: New Dawn of the Galaxy recently came out and it's receiving great reviews. It's a deep space strategy game and it's also pass n' play.
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Response by poster: Thank you everybody! We have both played and enjoyed Ticket to Ride before, but hadn't realized it was available for the iPad and would work as a two person game, so that sounds like a great option. The rest of these suggestions we'll check out - I'll try to remember to come back to this question and share our thoughts on the games we've tried and mark best answers as well.

If anybody has more suggestions, keep 'em coming. :)
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