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So I take it that the OkTrends blog was killed off after Match bought OkCupid. Where can I now get my regular fix of really interesting statistics presented at a level that the lay person can understand? (I already know about Nate Silver and xkcd's What If.)
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I like Prochronism, which analyzes the language used in "period" television shows (like Mad Men and Downton Abbey) to look for errors and statistical outliers.
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Ezra Klein's Wonkblog

Baby Name Wizard
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I sometimes find interesting things via r/dataisbeautiful.
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Information is beautiful
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You might like the BBC radio show More or Less (you can get it as a podcast).
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Wall Street Journal's Carl Bialik has the column Number's Guy, which is interesting, but mostly text.

For visualizations, I really like Flowing Data, which I've recommended here before.
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Best answer: Final update-type response: none of the above answers quite scratch the same itch as the OKCupid blog, but now that it exists, the answer is clearly FiveThirtyEight.
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