Dentist Recommendations for Guardian Mananged DentalGuard in NYC
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Does anyone had any personal recommendations for a dentist under Guardian Mananged DentalGuard in NYC (Manhattan or Brooklyn.)

I am thinking about signing up for Guardian Mananged DentalGuard via the Freelancers Union but am wary to do so because i have no experience with any of the doctors in their network. Has anyone used a doctor under this plan that they could recommend? I think the MDG would be preferential to the PPO at this point because there are no maximums and no waiting periods. I need quite a few cavities filled, wisdom tooth that needs to be pulled, and perhaps a root canal (so if you have specialist recommendations let me know about them too!) Thanks in advance!

similarly if you have experience with another dentist in another prepaid plan (like delta) send recommendations my way as well, please.
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Response by poster: (*does anyone HAVE not HAD - sorry its about 100 degrees in my apartment.. im melting)
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Was that link supposed to go to a list of dentsits? Because when I click on it, it asks me for my ZIP code....
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Response by poster: when you enter the zip code it outlines the plan for the area. was assuming if someone was in my area, and had experience with that plan they would understand the plan.

does this work:

there are slim pickings in this kind of insurance plan. i think i might be better with a ppo.
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