iPhone & iPad: What are the best camera/photo apps in China?
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Hi there, I'm teaching my Dad in China to use his Chinese App Store account - His iPhone and iPad Mini are his MAIN cameras these days, and he loves taking photos. I'm a bit rushed as I have to leave China soon, and don't have to time to search through Chinese app reviews (I don't know Chinese well anyway). So, please can you recommend any iPhone and iPad camera and photo apps (paid or free) available on the Chinese App Store that you love. Impressive apps are good; Impressive AND easy to learn and use apps (my Dad is not very tech-skilled and doesn't like complicated instructions) are the greatest. Thanks very much for your tips!!!
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The wife uses 美图秀秀 a lot, but it's a cutesy editing program and might not be appropriate for your Dad? Anyway, check it out. Otherwise I've got nothing.
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Does "Camera +" exist in China?
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