How are job prospects in the medical radiation sciences?
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How are job prospects in the medical radiation sciences (in North America in general, and Canada specifically?)

In my career change daydreams the thought of medical radiation sciences (radiation therapist, nuclear medicine therapist etc.) stands out to me - a science-y career that helps people directly...but...I've read some on-line debates about job prospects in this field. I've read assertions in online forums, that schools that teach these disciplines crank out graduates without any thought of whether the health care system can employ even a fraction of them. And that a graduate in such a field needs to be willing to relocate, even internationally, in order to find work. Assuming they're not trolls :) some graduates even warn people away from these fields, exhorting would-be students to go into some other allied health profession.

Does anyone here have any direct experience in medical radiation sciences? (In North America in general, or Canada specifically)? Is this a field with high unemployment among graduates or are there sufficient opportunities out there? Is relocation a necessity?

And while I have your attention :) can you tell me about your work? Are you happy, fulfilled, and prosperous in this line of work?

Any advice is appreciated, thanks.
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Possibly relevant to your question: I was an academic MRI tech. I looked into the possibility of becoming a clinical MRI tech. It turned out that clinical MRI jobs require a very specific two-year credential. The credential is only offered at a few (inconveniently located) schools in the entire country. Not only that, but my experience as an MRI tech would be of absolutely no use while working on the credential. Given that, even in the best of times, there are relatively few of these extremely specialized jobs, the credential seemed like a risky proposition. I also had some anecdotal reports that hospital MRI jobs don't have any sort of promotion opportunities and are typically occupied by lifers. These things in combination dissuaded me from exploring the idea further.
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