Problem backing up DVD to hard drive using handbrake
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So I recently converted a vhs of my parents' wedding from dvd format. But now I want to have a backup copy on my PC so I put the DVD in and launched handbrake and convert to mp4. It works... sort of... Except that handbrake only saved the first 42 minutes of the video while there is more see on the DVD.

I know why it is. When I watch the video from DVD in VLC the video stopped at that 42nd minute too and the way I worked around that was launching the video again and seeking after that point I think.

But how do I make a full backup? Do I need to edit it to fix it? But then I would need to have it off DVD first to edit it anyways... help!
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Sounds like a glitch in the DVD - is this a DVD-R that you created in the first place? Do you have the raw digital output from the VHS conversion, or is the DVD your only copy?

If you have the raw digital output, Handbrake should work on that directly. Or if you don't have the files, can get another copy of the DVD? That would be my next suggestion.

Failing that, download MakeMKV (a free beta will be fine) and try to rip the DVD that way - it will produce very large files that you can later transcode with Handbrake. But if it is a glitch in the DVD (VLC also failing at the same point argues for that), MakeMKV will also fail.

A cheap-ass DVD player can encounter a glitch, display a garbled frame, and carry on - you don't even see it. The problem is, you're trying to operate on the digital stream, and as far as the operating system is concerned, a single error in the bitstream is the end of the story. So I'm afraid there's not going to be a very good outcome here...

(Final crazy thought: Might this be some obscure form of copy protection imposed by your conversion service? That would be awfully crappy of them...)
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First, try checking the Title option in Handbrake (right under Source). See if the remaining part of the DVD is listed as a separate track. If so, it can be imported and then edited together.

The other possibility is there is/was a physical glitch in the VHS tape itself that affected the conversion process. If that's the case, you may need to bring the tape into a specialty place that does conversions like that.
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