Please help me get this song out of my head.
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I have a song lodged in my head, and need help identifying it so I can get it the hell out. Fairly recent release and getting airplay on the "alternative" radio stations in Sydney.

Ok, song in question is on fairly frequent rotation on 2SER and FBI if that helps anyone. 2013 release. Male vocals and synth heavy, catchy pop melody. I have no idea if it is an Australian or US or British band. I'm pretty sure the title has Colour (color?) in it. I also remember being vaguely irritated by the band's name the one time I caught it.

Lyrics follow, as best as I can remember them (most likely heavily mangled).

I have a feeling inside me
It's the only thing that's real now
You can look but you can't touch it (?)
something something colour (?)

I'm watching static on TV
Everything is free now
You can look but you can't touch it (?)
something something colour (?)

I cannot believe I am wasting a question and your time on this but it is driving me nuts. Thank you!
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Baptism Of Uzi - Stray Current
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THANK YOU!!! Seven minutes, impressed.

Current, not colour, ugh.
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