Renewing My Russian Domain Name
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I have a russian (.ru) domain name I registered through Since the last time I paid they changed their payment processor and none of my credit cards work with the new one. I've talked to them, they've talked to the processor, I've talked to my card companies, but I can't pay them. Do you pay for Russian domains or make credit card payments to Russia? How can I renew this domain?

I registered this domain because it's a pun in Japanese; I hardly use it and I have no special connection to Russia, but I'd like to hold on to it. If I do end up losing it's I would be sad but it's not the end of the world.

1. Is there some easy way to send payment to Russia internationally that doesn't involve credit cards? I know most of the big credit card processors don't work and I've asked about a bank transfer, but I understand that can be expensive (~$40) compared to the registration fees.

2. The domain has just gone into the grace period. Should it be possible to transfer to another registrar at this point, and is there a registrar that handles .ru domains that is easier to pay?

3. At least some of my card problems appear to be due to the site having broken 3D Secure support. Is it possible to request 3D Secure be turned off in general or disabled for specific transactions if I get in touch with my card company first?

I'm kind of flailing here because the amount of money involved is small enough the registrar isn't bent on keeping me and there are companies in lots of time zones (US for one of my cards, Moscow for the registrar, and Switzerland - maybe - for the payment processor) with varying responsiveness.
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I'm not sure if you can transfer to another registrar during the grace period, but if you can, handles .ru and you can pay via PayPal.
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It took a lot of paperwork, but I ended up paying by bank transfer. Despite repeated warnings from and my bank that the transfer would take a week the payment went through in two days with no charge on the receiving end.

Will probably switch to Gandi eventually.
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