Film Studies Lessons in 10 Minutes or Less
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I've enjoyed a number of brief film studies videos well-illustrated with sample scenes. Please recommend more.

Here are the examples I have in mind: What I like is how these videos teach quick, thought-provoking lessons about movie tropes, film styles, editing techniques, a director's signature move, or the themes of a film vividly and memorably in roughly 10 minutes or less using the films themselves to make the point. I enjoy the subject matter, but I guess my attention span for it is limited.

I'm not likely to sit through either longer documentaries about film or online film studies lectures, but if you've experienced one that's extra punchy or thoughtful, I might be persuaded by that. Supercuts like James Cameron Likes Feet are fun too, although they'd ideally be accompanied with some sort of interpretation explaining what the visuals achieve.

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Best answer: Robert Rodriguez is all over YouTube with his Film School series. He does one for every film he makes, and then some.
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Best answer: Kubrick: One-Point Perspective
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Best answer: They're less scholarly than the ones you listed, but the film clip analyses from the NYT's Anatomy of a Scene and the A.V. Club's Scenic Routes are quick, interesting resources.
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Response by poster: These are all terrific--thanks again, folks, and let me know if you think of more!
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Best answer: Chaos Cinema part 1, part 2
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