Loverboy's "Lovin' Every Minute Of It" video -- who was the cover band?
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Who was the cool, female-fronted, lounge-act cowpunk band covering "Workin' For the Weekend" in the Holiday Inn at the beginning of Loverboy's "Lovin' Every Minute Of It" video from 1985? Were they a real band, or just ringers hired for the part? I get the feeling they're meant to be mocked, being kind of low-key and feminine and camp compared to the ALPHA DOG CHEST HAIR ARRRR of Mike Reno and his Canadian AOR powerhouse, who will show us the light and the way and the beer, hoser. 1985, so much to answer for.
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The female singer looks like Alannah Myles of Black Velvet fame.
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Response by poster: She also looks like Dolores O'Riordan of the Cranberries, but that'd be prrreeetty unlikely.
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Yeah, it was 1985 and they couldn't have foreseen the rise of retro-lounge-camp -- I mean, this is even before Cowboy Junkies hit.

The director of the clip was Rick Rosenthal (Bad Boys, Halloween II) which points toward an LA production, so I'm not sure that Myles would have been in the running.

Are we sure we're talking musicians? Yeah, the drummer drums, but does she really play that guitar (could be, but I can't be sure myself since I don't)? Anyway, I have a feeling if this were an actual act of some type we'd never hear the end of it since their own fans would have documented it galore by now.
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that's a bass and she's not playing it in sync with the soundtrack
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I e-mailed the band's management. No harm in asking.
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