Help me identify a cologne!
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A guy sat next to me on the bus the other day and his cologne smelled like that of a sexy lumberjack: a really subtle mix of Christmas trees, sweet smoke, and dude sweat. I'd like to compile a list of piney-smokey-sweaty colognes to test out so that I can gift my own lumberjack with a similar scent!

For some context, the guy with the cologne looked between 25-35 and dressed like an Urban Outfitters model. I'm definitely not interested in dad colognes or AXE and its ilk.
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Not a cologne per se, but this deodorant smells like pine needles and cedar and is strong enough to register several feet away from me. It's my go-to on regular days in at the office.
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If you can still find any, try old formula Chaps by Ralph Lauren. Not the new stuff, and not Polo, which is a whole different scent profile. They used some expensive fixatives and scents in the original Chaps formula, and a couple finger dabs, placed on the pulse points, is plenty for all day wear.

I stocked up on this stuff when I first heard of the formula changes some time ago. Now, I put on a dab or two before heading off for dental cleanings, and I've gotten free x-rays and gum line antibiotics (usually a $100 charge item) in a periodontal pocket. Go to church in the stuff, and I get saved the last piece of homemade chess pie at congregation meals, without asking.

It's not pine needles, and its not particularly smoky or sweet or sweaty, like Polo. But it is evocative of lumberjacks and cowboys, like nothing else.
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You can search by note here. I would try smoke/pine/musk. They also offer sample packs organized by note (wood, smoke, etc.)
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Bel Ami by Hermes ...moss, leather, citrus, woods....mmm
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By the way, if you do happen to find some old formula Chaps for your man, or any other quality cologne/after shave/scent product, don't let him screw it up with scented soaps or underarm deodorants/antiperspirants, or shave cream, or even toothpaste. He ought to come out of the bathroom smelling like nothing but his clean self, or, at most, faintly like Ivory soap. A little Mitchum unscented antiperspirant goes a long way.

He ought only to put on the good stuff a few minutes later, outside the bathroom, once his skin is fully dried, and his pores have closed. And then, if you'll take my word for it, only dabs at the pulse points. It will take 8 to 10 hours for the fixatives in the good stuff to release the last of the scent molecules, at normal skin temperature, so unless your guy is an NBA player, or an NFL or NHL sweat hog, a few dabs on the appropriate anatomical points should be plenty for normal civilian wear.

And don't let him splash the "good stuff" on willy-nilly. The good stuff is intended to be subtle, persistent, and personal. The whole point of wearing great cologne is to get the pretty girls to want to stand a step closer to you than absolutely necessary, in the elevator. If they can smell you 2 feet away, you never get that effect...
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Could be Polo Green, which is piney/leathery/earthy/tobaccoy (paulsc, are you thinking of Polo Blue?).
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"... (paulsc, are you thinking of Polo Blue?)."
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Nope. 30+ years ago, in my 30s, I wore a lot of original Polo green. Too much, perhaps. But then, I was riding motorcycles exclusively, hundreds of miles week, and I told myself it was all blowing off in the slip stream. I liked Polo (green) a lot, even it didn't really fit with my tobacco choices of the time, or my motorcycle leathers, or the smell of my hair after getting caught in a rainstorm. But it didn't ever smell cheap, and that was enough for me then, to keep buying and wearing it.

Until Chaps came out. It fit me better. Even after I quit smoking, and quit wearing motorcycle leathers so much, it still fit me. It fits every man I've ever known who wears a little of it, without other scents.

It's even OK in the better steak houses.
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You might try Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (aka BPAL), which has a number of perfume oils (unisex) with pine notes, skin musk notes, and smoke notes. You can buy samples (called imp's ears) of most of the general catalog samples, and search by note. There are also a number of other perfume makers who might appeal to that guy's demographic out there, small independents or etailers (like CB I Hate Perfume). You can try a site like The Perfumed Court to find out about a lot of them.
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Reminds me of L'Occitane's Vetyver -- it's sure piney with a bit of smokiness too. (Here are some reviews of it.)
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It might also be MCMC Hunter, which is a unisex tobacco/vanilla/fir scent and smells amazing.
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