Funny, short, PG-rated videos on daily life in US?
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I'm hosting a French teenager this summer and would like to find some English-language videos for her to watch. She really likes Cyprien, a 20-something French YouTube performer. Help me find something similar in English, Hive Mind!

Looking for something short (5 minutes max.), quirky, but relatively easy to follow; captions are a plus, as is repetition. Cyprien's videos are on subjects like mosquitoes, the heat wave, visiting the US (silly immigration questions, huge drink sizes, the crazy NYC subway), Internet ads, etc. Most of the funny stuff I like to watch requires too much background knowledge of US politics for me to make any helpful recommendations. She does like "Dumb Ways to Die," too, if that's of any help.

I thought about Ze Frank, but some of his stuff is a little crude.
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Maybe the vlogbrothers? John Green is a super popular YA author, and Hank is a singer. Their videos are usually about books, or places they go, or science, or Internet stuff. There are lots of them, and quite a bit of a community built up around them.

They do talk pretty fast sometimes, but I think they otherwise fit the bill.
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Courtesy of my 15 year old:
The Vlog Brothers (Hank and John Green) release two videos per week plus they have the crash course series
Dan Rezler
Nihgahiga (sometimes kind of crude, but usually very funny)
Wheezy Waiter
Bryarly Bishop
Her favorite is Charlie McDonnell.
I don't know if any of these are available with captions but they are all fun and good spirited - and sometimes enlightening. On preview, as itsamermaid said, they talk really fast - all of them do.
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Thanks! Those are good suggestions. Some of them might be a little fast for now, but by the end of the month they should work.
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