Toronto indie band a condo?
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I live in the Annex of Toronto. My indie folk band has been rehearsing in my place, which I rent in a large apartment building, and there was never any problem. I just found out that in september I'll have to move into a condo with my sister. I don't own the condo but the important thing is that I won't be able to hold rehearsals because the people in the building like ultra-quietude. Where in Toronto can my band find very cheap rehearsal spaces for rent (we are based in the annex)? or, alternatively, how can I soundproof my apartment?

We've been rehearsing two times a week for about 2 hours or so. We are lightly amped and with some folk percussion but not a full drum set.

I am willing to put up sound panels or carpets if that's what it takes. Also would appreciate any info on how to navigate finicky neighbors etc-- as far as I know the condo rules didn't say anything about musical instruments, but apparently the lady immediate below where I'll be living is extremely sensitive. In that case, I feel like I am entitled to at least practice quietly alone (not have a full band) during the day?
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Looks like there are a few rehearsal spaces in Toronto in the $15-$25 an hour range, which seems pretty reasonably priced.
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I think lightly amped two hour rehearsals twice a week are a no go in a Toronto condo (especially if it is a new one). Most bands I know get a monthly space at the rehearsal factory either Queen and Dufferin or Dupont and Bathurst) and share the space with as many bands that can split up the hours to lower everyone's cost. Kijiji is one place to look, as is just going to the space and talking to the people hanging outside a s explaining what you are looking for.
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True soundproofing is a massive endeavor. Unless you own the space, and have time and $, don't bother.
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Practice what alone? Acoustic guitar? Electric bass? Bass frequencies travel forever and are very annoying to people who have not requested them, even at a quiet volume.

Some apartment leases actually do prohibit practicing musical instruments, or, at least, giving of music lessons. I guess this historically came about from people running piano classes out of their place or things like that.

By the way, it's not the case that the people in this condo are some sort of uptight, ultra-picky quiet freaks. Most people don't actually want a band practicing next to their living space, you will find....if people weren't calling the cops on you guys at your old place, you got lucky.
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