Anechoic chamber in or near Melbourne?
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Where can I be in an anechoic chamber in Melbourne?

I'd like to sit in an anechoic chamber. Is there one in or near Melbourne, Australia, that I could use? I gather there's one at the University of Adelaide.

If there is one here, or nearby, how would I go about getting time in it?
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My googling came up with results for a chamber in Highett associated with the CSIRO but the references seem fairly dated.

Here's one link to a page at the CSIRO with contact details in Clayton Vic.

Good luck!
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Don't know about a location in Australia - but when asking around it might be useful to know that the number of "wireless anechoic chambers" is growing rapidly... These are to reduce the RF reflections rather than acoustic...They are used for testing cell phones, microwaves, etc...

As I understand things the number of "research" grade acoustic anechoic chambers is relatively small...

I'm just assuming that you want to sit in an acoustic anechoic chamber and aren't worried about the RF reflections...
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