How do I find someone who speaks (writes, really) Croatian?
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I have a short e-mail I'd like to write to a hotel in Croatia. I'm sure they speak English, but just to be on the safe side, I'd like to get this written in Croatian. I'm not sure I trust Google Translate on this. How could I find someone to help me write/translate this?
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I highly, highly recommend I've had good personal experiences with them and they have really quick turnaround and upfront pricing.
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Send it to me:)
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I did this a lot last month before I went there. They all speak English, trust me.
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Post it on Jobs, no doubt there is someone here who speaks Croatian.
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Best answer: You're reaching behind your head to touch your nose. You are not being safe but may come across as condescending. They speak English, especially fluently at hotels.
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Best answer: Yeah, I would definitely send your message in English. English fluency is very, very common in Croatia, and almost universal in the tourism/hospitality industry. Trying to speak Croatian (or come across as fluent) doesn't necessarily garner one the respect or acknowledgement one might otherwise hope to receive.
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I do business internationally, and used Google translate, but apologize for so doing. No one has ever mistaken my meaning nor taken offense. Hotels expect English emails.
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My husband is native Croatian - if you memail it, I will ask him to translate. But English is ubiquitous, and a hotel is sure to have front desk staff fluent in English. I speak about 3 Croatian phrases and could converse with almost everyone except his elderly family.
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In those situation I send both the English and the Google translation.
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