SoundCloud batch editor?
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Do you know if there's a good batch or bulk editor for SoundCloud file metadata for Mac or PC?

I've looked at any of the apps in the SoundCloud app directory that seemed to be appropriate but haven't found one.

The reason I'm asking is that once files are in SoundCloud they're a bear to edit. It's a zillion clicks to get anything done and they all have to be done one at a time. It's taking me hours, for example, to try to find every example of a type of file and change the setting so they'll show up in the SoundCloud podcast feed. It's the same for adding things to sets, or adding keywords, or making files private.

I'm hoping there's a desktop app out there that will allow to apply the same changes for all SoundCloud metadata possibilities to multiple selections, and to use search results to make new sets, and to upload directly into existing sets. I'd be perfectly fine with an FTP-like app or even a scriptable command-line!
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I know of no specific app to do this, but I've done a good amount work with SoundCloud's API, and you can definitely use that to toggle Privacy settings and update track metadata. If you have some basic PHP or Javascript knowledge, you could probably write a pretty simple script to accomplish what you need. Here are the API docs, and some programming examples.
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Sorry that's not exactly an easy solution. Still, I'd rather spend any afternoon trying to figure it out through code than manually updating a ton of track meta through SoundCloud.

If you do decide to give this method a go, feel free to hit me up via MeMail if you get stuck.
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