Help me use my Adobe Acrobat Pro trial version like a Pro
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I can't get my Adobe Acrobat Pro trial version to work. I'm getting Error 100 (Error Communicating with I've worked my way through all the suggestions in the troubleshooting suggestions: clearing my cookies and cache; freeing up room on my hard drive by deleting old files; deleting the Adobe Acrobat program off my hard drive and downloading again; making sure my internet connection is working; and weeping bitter tears of frustration and existential angst. Nothing is working, I've wasted several hours on this and I really, really need to get cracking on this work assignment. Please help me!
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Sorry to backtrack a bit. I see you have already tried quite a few things, but to be sure........

Mac or PC?
Do you have an Adobe ID?
Have you updated your Adobe Download assistant? If not, there is a Troubleshoot Adobe Download Assistant page.
There is also an Adobe Download Assistant FAQ page.

Last thing...were you able to get the full file downloaded (AcrobatPro_11_Web_WWMUI.exe [win]) on your drive somewhere?. ?It would be about 500mb. There used to be direct download links available, but Adobe has been moving stuff around on the site lately. However, it is possible the new links are visible somewhere. All this does is by pass the download assistant and allows you do directly invoke the installer. If you need the links, I can snoop around as they should not be hard to find.

It is frustrating, but keep at it as it will work.
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Added: This page with download links could be stale, but worth a try.

Make sure you are logged in with your Adobe ID first.

Direct Download Links for Adobe Acrobat XI Pro/Standard and Reader
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Response by poster: PC.

Yes, I have an Adobe ID.

I've tried the suggestions on the Troubleshooting page.

I was able to load the file. I've actually deleted it and reinstalled it several times now.

I've been doing an online chat help session with with customer service. We tried a number of things, none of which seemed to work. He says I should shut down, create a new Administrator account, and try loading the program on that account.
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Ok...well if Adobe is on it, then that is about as much as you can do there.

However, a couple of good free utils to have are Revo Uninstaller and Glary Utilities.

It is not so much the uninstaller aspect of these utils, but the registry and leftover file cleaning that is useful. Each will find scraps of stuff that could be screwing with the install.

Revo has a free version and a 30 free pro trial.
Glary is free and has a pro version, but the free version will do what you want fine.
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Response by poster: So I've finally got the Download Assistant working, I downloaded the Adobe Acrobat Pro... but how do I get into the program? It's not in my list of programs and there doesn't seem to be a way in from the Download Assistant program.

Fuck, am I frustrated. I've never had an experience like this with downloading a program - usually they're a snap.
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Did you run the installer? Download assistant is just a utility for downloading the file. I don't think it actually runs the installer (but that could have changed)

The install file is somewhere on your drive. run that and choose 30 day trial or register if you purchased it.
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Response by poster: Problem has been solved, more or less — it took another live chat session with Adobe Liveperson.

I don't like that I can't use the program under my usual account but must use my second administrator's account that I set up today, though.

Thanks all.
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Response by poster: Turns out I can use the program as my original account, so all is well.
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