In what episode of Deep Space 9 does Worf fight and defeat Martok?
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I am looking for a specific fight scene in which Worf fights and defeats "Martok" using his batliff. I know almost nothing about Star Trek, I'm just trying to track down a scene that is referenced by an interview subject.
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you might check here.
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According to Memory Alpha, this happened in "Soldiers of the Empire".
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Soldiers of the Empire
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Except, in the episode description, it appears that it's Martok who "defeats" Worf. Worf lets him win the challenge.
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Actually, Soldiers of the Empire had Worf allowing Martok to defeat him. You may be thinking of Apocalypse Rising, which had Worf fighting Gowron, who he thought was a Changeling, but the Changeling turns out to be Martok (or "Martok"), who Sisko then kills. For what it's worth, Worf was using his bat'leth while fighting Gowron.
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Soldiers of the Empire could be the episode in question, indeed, but Worf does not defeat Martok and does not use a bat'leth in the battle. Worf lowers his guard to allow himself to be defeated by Martok. They use d'k tahgs in the battle (daggers).
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Tacking Into the Wind also has a bat'leth fight (between Worf and Gowron) which Worf wins
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There's also Tacking Into the Wind where Worf defeats the Klingon chancellor, Gowron, with a bat'leth. He thereby becomes head of the Klingon Empire, but he lets Martok have the job instead.
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Tacking Into the Wind, as 1970s Antihero mentions above, includes a whole lot of glass shattering in that scene as well, if that was what your interview subject referenced.
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I'm in the process of watching all of DS9, and Images in the Sand features a battle where Worf defeats Martok in the holosuite, right around the 32 minute mark.
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