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I'm running Wordpress 3.5.2 and it seems that my favorite Flickr plugin for adding photos to posts, wp-flickr-embed, no longer works and the developer doesn't seem to be responding. What are my alternatives?

I get AJAX errors when trying to use the plugin so I suspect there's been a change at the Flickr end. I've tried a couple of others but they also don't work, but in different ways. Is there a WP plugin that allows you to easily add your own Flickr photos to a post that is working and actively supported?
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I looked at the WP plugin page and your plugin was updated on 5/26, which doesn't make it seem like the plugin developers are inactive.

Have you asked whoever's doing your hosting about the problems you're experiencing? If the problem is related to environment, as opposed to the application, they might be able to help, and WP is so popular that some hosts will do some casual troubleshooting even on the applications.

If you'll DM me I'll take a look. I have a company site that I just updated to the same WP version. I haven't been using flickr on it, but I could pop it on there and see if I can duplicate the problem.
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Looks like you might try adding your comment as an issue on the github repo: wp-flickr-embed.
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