Combination shaver & trimmer or just trimmer?
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Recommendations around the best body hair trimmers and shavers please. Is there a combination device which combines the best of both shaving and trimming?

I recently started searching for a trimmer for my body hair. Don't ask me why ... it just seemed the best thing to do.

There are a lot of options out there and its difficult to decide which have the best results-to-cost ratio. Any recommendations or personal experiences with trimmers/shavers would be welcome. The last askmefi on this was in 2011 and hopefully there are better products out there by now.

While browsing, a light bulb went on that i should go for something which can give me a shave as well as help with trimming body hair. I don't want to lug around two different gadgets if there is something that will help me do my shave as well as trimming.

So, are there any devices which are good at both shaving and trimming or am I better off continuing with my cartridges for shaving?
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Do not use a Bodygroom to shave your face, and do not use a normal electric razor to shave your chest. Many men have tried this, and I'd wager that all of them regret it.

That being said, I'm a pretty big fan of my Bodygroom. It's highly competent at both shaving and trimming.
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Response by poster: Is there a substantial performance difference (apart from batteries that is) between the cheaper $15 - $30 range vs those around $45- $60 range?
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The top-of-the-line bodygroom both shaves and trims, so it's two gizmos in one, which more than justified the higher pricetag for me.

I actually haven't tried it on my face, but there are enough "ARRGH IT BURNS" reviews on Amazon to make me think twice about doing that. My ex also reported a similar experience. I shaved my chest exactly twice with a regular electric razor, both times of which could also be accurately summed up with a series of all-caps expletives. I guess there are people who can pull this off, but my skin sure as hell didn't enjoy it.
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