Captive Portal with auth - help?
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Captive Portals. I'd like one. I want it to work with a WRT54G, connected to a DSL line.

I'd like a login screen that looks up an auth database (probably RADIUS, but not definite) and I would like the whole auth infrastructure to be centralised, so I don't need anything but the wireless router on the end of the DSL line. I want to have multiple DSL lines sharing the auth infratructure. I want to control access, so only users with existing credentials gain access (not anyone like wifidog).
Cheap or free is good.
I'm not the brains of the operation, but I think I can understand the answers, any recommendations?
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There's a lot of third-party WRT54G firmwares that have a builtin NoCat captive portal software. DD-WRT is my favorite, but there's many others out there.
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Wow. zsazsa directs to a WRT option I had not found after hounding Google. I will try it. Am I just to dumb to work with WRTG, what should I be using...
I don't want to appear an idiot, but there are so many WRT options I an straining to understand their differences. And, reasonably, the focus is often not on individual auth, as most of the forks I see are about open features (with no auth).
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Yeah, unfortunately many WRT54G-based things use the lighter, C-based nocatsplash, which is mostly geared for open access. Authenticated access is "experimental." I haven't tried it, unfortunately.
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I've been looking for something like this.
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