What was the business book I read five years ago?
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I read a business book about five years ago that was about creativity and success in the workplace. It was a creative approach to business for hip young professionals. I remember it had red/pink drawings/scribbles on the cover and came out some time around 2008. It had a rather clever title. Do you know what I'm talking about?

I recently started compiling a list of all the books I've ever read for posterity's sake, and I've had trouble remembering some. One of them was a "business" book about how to make your employers see you as an asset by being more creative or something like that. It was a somewhat unconventional approach, and I feel it had something to do with being more creative in the work place with ideas like proposing your own projects. It had somewhat clever title. It wasn't your standard business book, it was almost a kind of hip approach to business for hip young professionals. I remember it had a bunch of drawings on the cover in red/pink pen ink, almost like scribbles. That was the defining thing I remember about it. It was a fairly new book when it came out around 2008 or so. Does anybody have any ideas on what I'm talking about? Please help.
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Sounds like Rework, by 37 Signals. It's a good read, if a little short on practical examples.
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No, Rework isn't it unfortunately. It had a sort of cartoony cover, like scribbles. I believe it was written by a woman as well.
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Could it be Tribes or another title by Seth Godin? He often collaborates/uses the illustrations of Hugh MacLeod, which are scribbly ink drawings on business cards [ex].
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Might be one of Hugh MacLeod's books then?
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The Creative Entrepreneur is my bet.
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Was it How to be Useful by Megan Hustad?
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How to be Useful, that was it! Thank you so much. How did you know about it, if you don't mind me asking?
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Yay! I bought it for my millenial sister a few years ago when she was in a paralegal job she hated and trying to figure out her next move; though I can't recall the content now, I remember liking it's angle. I think I stumbled upon it in a bookstore.
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Great! I knew I could count on metafilter. This was a tough nut to crack. Thank you Shazbot.
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