Help identifying a 1970s comic book where the villain was a gas pump...
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Probably early to mid 1970s, color, possible a free giveaway, likely newsprint cover, maybe ecology / gas shortage / conservation themed? Cartoony superhero style probably. I remember getting this as a kid at an outdoor public event on the west coast of BC, Canada - but I assume it wasn't a location-specific comic. It might have been a premium / advertising / educational thing. I've been trying to identify it for years, but that's about all the info that I can recall. Does this ring a bell with anyone?
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Perhaps Superkids, which was covered by Stupid Comics here, and can be seen on pdf here. It fits every part of your description, except the villinous gas pump.

That gas pump is a pretty specific memory though, and it's not in this one.
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Great find! Not it, though. Certainly circa the same period, and all newsprinty - just like that example. But but more over-the-top cartoony and anthropomorphized... what strong, but fuzzy, memories I have of the characters (or at least the gas pump character) reminds me of the Raid can from the 70s ads...

But I might be mixing the two up in my fog-shrouded mind.

If I had to guess it would be that an over-muscled superhero fought the villainous gas pump baddy - but for all I know it was an oil company premium and the gas pump was the good guy.

I went on to collect, and then tangentially work in comics, so I've been exposed to hundreds of thousands (likely more) old comics over the last 40 years. I've never seen it again.
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Again with the mixing up childhood free give-away comics memories.... but might it have been a Pop Shoppe "Captain Cola" comic. I can find a single reference to a 1975 give-away from the soda company, and this one ad with a pic of the good Cap'n, but that's all...
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