Shading in Gmail Icon
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In my (Firefox) bookmark list, the Gmail icon is a wide red "M" with thin black lines continuing the inner strokes of the M over to the opposite feet of the letter. This leaves two white triangles below the middle strokes of the M. For no reason I can figure out, the right-hand triangle is sometimes shaded gray. What does this mean? (I know that it doesn't mean i have unread messages or un-sent drafts.)
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I think that's just how Gmail's new favicon looks. It's consistent with the strong 45-degree shadows Google is using on the rest of their flat-style icons.
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Is it possible that it's actually shaded all the time, but you're sometimes viewing it on a monitor with contrast settings that make it appear less grey?
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Yeah, as far as I know it always looks like that. This is their new icon as of the last few months. (it turns blue when you have new messages, at least when you have it pinned it does.)
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It's not really an M, it's an envelope, hence the black lines and shading.
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I've got that favicon in my bookmarks toolbar, and I noticed that the shading had changed about a week ago, in exactly the way you described. (Yes, I notice these kinds of things. It's a blessing, and a curse.) Have you ever seen it look un-shaded since the first time you saw it shaded? I'll bet not, which is consistent with them introducing a new version.
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New Gmail Favicon

Some browsers are more thorough than others at updating favicons, so when you see it is dependent on a bunch of reasons.

I'll also note that having it in your tabs can change the appearance depending on whether the screen below it is white, or say, MeFi blue. It's just a well-known perception thing.
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Response by poster: lizzicide and dhartung -

I have a big, super-high resolution monitor. The Gmail icon was absolutely not shaded last week. I have separate bookmarks for my Gmail Inbox and Gmail Compose, and I've had them one directly above the other, one all-white and one half-shaded.

benito.strauss -

I'm a proofreader, so my eye picks these things up, too. The logo absolutely switches for no reason between shaded and unshaded. I haven't seen the unshaded one for about a week but it was definitely unshaded the week before.
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