Cirque du Soleil tickets--now or later?
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I'm going to see Cirque du Soleil Mystere in Las Vegas on July 31st. Should I buy tickets now or wait until I get there?

I've been checking the ticket availability and there seem to be plenty of seats left--for every show in July. Even today's show has plenty of empty seats. There's no danger of a sellout, right? It's not a new and hip show, but Vegas does get packed in the summer.

I also wonder if the prices drop near showtime because of empty seats, so it would be better to wait until later. One ticket is for my child, and he'll get a half-off discount but only if I buy at the box office or online.
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Looking at it looks like there's very high availablity for Mystere day of show. Mystere's been there awhile so I would expect there to be tickets available at half price.

However, if that's the only show you're willing to see buy it now and be done with it.
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Mystere is a great show but it's been in Vegas for years so there shouldn't be a problem getting seats. I've seen deals lately on various "groupon" type sites so keep your eyes peeled.
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