Can I get this caftan cheaper?
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I Want It Now Filter - footstamp mix: I want to get this caftan and swan around in it all summer, I do not want to pay AUS 500 for it. Does anybody know where I can get a dupe for it, or some similar fabric?
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Google shopping for caftan, set perimeters for price: low to high and then go for it.

I really like your material for the 500 AUS, but I like this one for $39 even though it's not bright and the pattern is repetitious rather than varied.

You may find something you like, but a different style and pattern. Only you know what's best for swanning :)
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Can you clarify what you like about it? I think that the Swarovski crystals are what drives the price of that gorgeous caftan up so high. Is it the crystals, the bright colors, the open neckline, the length...?

There are a lot of pretty ones on Etsy that can be shipped to Australia. I had better luck searching for "kaftan" and not "caftan" fwiw.
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Response by poster: I like the print, the cut, the colours, and the fact that it is all silk. In other words... most of it. The Swarovski crystals aren't especially important though.
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I buy a lot of cheap'n'cheerful summer clothes from international sellers, and while the quality isn't what you'd expect from a Camilla Franks $500 piece, the most I've had to do is occasionally re-sew part of a hem that hasn't quite been caught in the stitching.

There are a few Camilla pieces in those search results, but personally I'd go wild and buy half a dozen cheaper ones for less than the price of one solitary Camilla.

Or you can spend the cash on an exquisite piece of fabric and make it yourself (or con a friend or family member who sews into making it for you). They are dead simple to sew, and free patterns abound on the 'net.

Off to buy the blue peacock kaftan on the first page...
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Response by poster: Ha. I was just emptying out a bag of thrifted stuff from a few weeks ago, and in it was a dimly-remembered silk sari made up of all the colors in the caftan I wanted. The pattern is more regular, but it's awesome enough not to matter.

That's probably why the caftan stuck in my mind so much! Doh!
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