Where to get a good chop?
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Bostonians/Cantibridgians/Somervillagers: Know anywhere to get a WICKED AWESOME haircut for around 60 bucks? Bonus points for being near inman. Not looking for anything crazy-fashion, just something easy to take care of, chic, doesn't require blowdrying, bonus points if it has a slimming effect. (if you have anything specific to suggest along these lines, send me a picture!) Don't mind waiting a bit for an appointment, but probably not more than a month.
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I am very happy with Emily at Beaucage on Newbury St. I have difficult hair, and she does a great job of giving me a cut that looks good with minimal care (I'm a wash-n-go kind of girl, and she gets that, unlike many stylists). $50, so within your price range even after tip. Not Inman, but I think she meets all your other criteria. I can usually get an appointment the week I call, too.
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Go see Helen, wherever she's working these days.
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Check out Hair by Christine on Highland Ave near Davis. They book up pretty quickly, but I managed to wrangle a walk-in a few weeks ago. I also don't like dealing with blowdrying or styling at all, and they totally worked with that, and gave me a cute, swingy haircut that dries really nicely. Short cuts (which start at shoulder-length-ish, maybe a little longer) will run you about 40, longer cuts more like 50-60 depending. The haircuts I've gotten there hit that sweet spot where I feel cute and current but not like an edgy fashion victim.
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Response by poster: Great, thanks for the suggestions!
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Grace Salon in Union Square.
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I've gotten slammed for suggesting Shag in Southie before (because of the owner's personal look of biker/meth cooker), but they do the hands-down, best haircuts in Boston. They're award winning, unbelievably friendly and welcoming (coffee, tea, espresso, wine, water, getting you lunch) and every single time I go there, I get stopped by people who ask where I got my hair done. They're that good.

After 40something years, I finally understood how a really outstanding cut can make you feel amazing.

The guy on the front of the site, Sandy, brings in his little pugs and he is very soft-spoken and funny despite looking like a crazed meth cook.

I've sent over 20 people there in 5 years and everyone who walks out of there loves it.

Their website has a very hip and too cool for school vibe, but they're super nice people..like the nicest nerds in high school. They listen to what you think you want, they make suggestions, when you tell them you want hair you can wash and go, they'll do that. They won't give you a ridiculous style, but if you want to try something super hip and cutting edge, they'll do that.

I get Chrissie Hynde-dirty-girl-rockstar haircuts, my sister gets avante garde Michelle Williams cuts, they took my platinum blonde daughter into deep, fiery red and she also gets stopped on the street, and my mom gets suburban grandma cuts. My mom thinks Sandy (the owner) is a "sweet boy."

I can only say...give them one shot. If they don't give you a cut that makes you say, "OHMYGOD How did I live so long without awesome hair???", I'll buy you a beer at the pub across the street.

Also, they will never try to sell you product.
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Over between Harvard and Porter squares, Judy Jetson is pretty awesome. I go to Feri, there, and she makes my hair happy.
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Re: Judy Jetson. If rmd1023 likes Feri, then do it, but I had the worst haircut experience of my life there by the owner, Judy. It was like living through the worst possible episode of "Tabitha Takes Over." I was ignored for over an hour, I was left at a hairwashing station, moved three times during the cut because there weren't enough chairs. At one point I was told to stand while Judy cut.

Despite going in with a picture and clearly noting I didn't want more than 2 inches cut off, Judy's first pass with the shears had her cutting at least 12 inches off, and when I saw it fall to the floor I said, "What the fuck are you doing???"

And she replied that if I didn't like it, I could leave.

I walked in with below-shoulder hair and walked out with a pixie. And they got even nastier when I refused to pay, almost blocking the door so I couldn't leave. I paid. But I like to warn people about Judy herself.
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I like Plan B (forgive the name) in Harvard, specifically Rachel.
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