Tweets with links don't show up in hashtag search.
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Need twitter help. My tweets with links don't show up in hashtag searches, but my tweets withOUT links do show up. Has anyone had this same problem? How did you fix it, if ever?

So I've had a twitter account for exactly one week now. On day one, when I noticed that my tweets containing a link to my tumblr (which I'm trying to promote by posting one tweet a day with a link to a new daily blog post, so not spam by any means) will not show up in the hashtag search. But tweets that have the same exact content, minus the link, WILL show up in the hashtag search. Any tweet I make that has a link will not show up, even

I contacted Twitter support about this on day one. When I sent them a message under the 'Searches' category, they sent me an automated message and closed my ticket. I tried this again, and again, automated message and closed ticket. On the same day I sent them a message under the category 'Mentions' to see if they would at least not close my ticket but pass it on to a real person. So far, I don't think they've closed my ticket, but there has not been any response beyond their first automated message (which I replied to, saying that their automated response did not address my concern).

I did a little bit of google searching and it appears that I am not alone with this problem. But noone has been able to find out how to solve it. Some speculate that it's to make sure I'm not a spammer. So I've done a fair share of retweeting, getting replies back, and getting followers. I've even had one of my tweets retweeted by another person with a more prominent twitter account.

I've sent tweets to @support. I sent a tweet to @hashtags. Nothing.

Has anyone encountered this problem? Did it ever start working for you?
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If it's really an anti-spam device, it likely times out. Since it's only been a week since you started the account, I'd wait another day (to see if the probationary periods are processed nightly) and another week (to see if it's a 2-week period).

Twitter or Google or Facebook or any of "those" companies will not give you any customer support unless you start buying ads from them. (True story: our Twitter account rep actually emailed to apologize for something yesterday. I thought I'd died and gone to 1993.)

Also note that I'd swear Twitter Search can miss certain tweets in the short term that show up in search results later. So again, waiting a bit may help.
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Response by poster: Oh, just to add something else:

I actually had another twitter account, a personal one, that dates back to over a year ago. I had all my tweets protected so that only my family could see them (I made the twitter for a very specific reason). I never sent out a tweet from that old account with a link; when I went to test it, made the tweets unprotected, and tweeted something with a hashtag and a link, that tweet didn't show up in search either. I waited, but nothing.

I'm hoping it's an anti-spam device that times out, but my experiment with my much older account worries me.

Also, I've done enough tests, with varying content and time periods to know that it's not that Twitter Search is just missing these tweets or has a delay. They just don't show up, with the exception of if it (the tweet with the link) is retweeted by someone else who doesn't have this same problem.
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A tweet does not show up under the Hashtag feed, if the tweet also contains a URL along with the hashtag. Is this behavior normal?

In this discussion, a Twitter rep says:

These particular tweets are just going unindexed by the search service -- not all tweets are indexed.

Later on, in the same discussion:

It's not that [hashtagged tweets with links] are blacklisted, it's just that they are not being indexed by search. Search's index is limited and it's focused on providing relevant results to typical user queries. To serve that purpose, it doesn't index every tweet and has some dynamic, evolving criteria it uses when indexing.

Overall, though, sounds like this is deliberate behavior on Twitter's part and you can't really do anything about it.
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Response by poster: Sorry I don't mean to be threadsitting, but that rep's answers really misses the point. He's responded the same exact way to other users in other threads, all the while failing to address the concerns of users with the same problem I have.

I understand that Twitter might not index every tweet. But it seems pretty easy to boil down the criteria for tweets that they choose not to index: it's any tweet with a link for users like me.

The question then becomes, why, when all of our tweets without links get indexed, why is it that the criteria for not indexing depends on whether or not our tweet contains a link? Someone else who doesn't have this problem can tweet the same exact tweet as I do, with the same links and hashtags, and have it indexed, no problem.

Unfortunately, I know there's nothing I can do about it since I feel pretty helpless right now. But I just wanted to clear this up in case any Twitter people see this or someone else who has the same problem reads this thread.
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The same thing happened to bookmooch's account. Twitter stopped indexing their tweets so they are no longer findable by hash tag. Now, that account has been open for years, but it just started happening one day last year. Also, the account tweets hundreds of times each day with a link each time, so it probably is some kind of antispam measure, IMHO.
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Best answer: It's an anti-spam/-repetition thing. You should find that as long as your tweets are varied (ie you don't just keep using the same hashtags & links) and you don't get lots of spam reports you'll start showing up in search after a certain period of time.
I noticed this with a new account I created to tie in with a site, it didn't last long.
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Response by poster: Just an update, tweets with links are still not being indexed. Had the account for well over a week. I'll update/mark resolved when and if it works.
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