1979 HBO show Whodunit : The Greatest Unsolved Myseries
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I have been dipping in and out trying to track this show down. I had previously been looking for the clip on the Zodiac killer when I posted this specific question on the Zodiac in 2009.

Some folks remembered the show, while others confused it with a Brit TV show. Here is the listing in IMDB for the show in question. The short Zodiac link is on YouTube here and a longer excerpt of one of the episodes showing the Lindbergh kidnapping is here. There were many things including parts on Jimmy Hoffa, Judge Crater, Evelyn Nesbitt, Lizzie Borden, and Jack the Ripper. I have found discussion boards on various other sites (folks with particular interests in DB Cooper or Jack the Ripper for example) who remember the show but no one having it except these few things on YouTube. This dvd was cheap enough and hit all the topics I remembered ((along with a collection of more modern clips from what I assumed was an assortment of various productions) to lead me to think it was it. Sadly it isn't. Does anyone else have any leads since my last post? If so, GREAT! If not, i'll check back in 2017 or so. For some reason, I think this will turn up sometime on an old VHS/Beta tape someone has. Surprised at the lack of mention online but happy for what I (and another MeFite) did find. The game is afoot!
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This? It is very poor quality but hey.
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Response by poster: @maggieb - That link is in my post above (about Lindbergh kidnapping). But thanks just the same for looking.
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Best answer: It was produced by Jon Wilkman, whom I know irl. meMail me and I can give you his contact info.
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Best answer: The segments about Lizzie Borden and Jack the Ripper have Monty Pythonesque graphics. (per your previous question.) Zodiac, at the end, is the same as the clip you linked here. Jon Wilkman is in the credits. So, this 45 min. is part of a longer documentary chopped up to fit an hour on TLC, Discovery, etc.
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I don't know if you'll find this of interest, but here goes....

Google a researcher named Walter Bosley. He was with the NSA or the FBI, or some other alphabet gov't agency.

He's written at least 3 books you can get for cheap on Kindle. They delve into murders and other mysteries in California. The first one is about DisneyLand, but you want to read them in sequence (they are quick reads!)

I'd like to say here I'm not selling you anything, but I know of this guy, and he seems to be firmly in your wheelhouse of interests.

In short, I think while researching his DisneyLand book, he stumbled upon a collection of deaths that might have been the work of a serial murderer in SoCal in the way back. By the third book, he draws some insightful and compelling relationships to these murders and the Zodiac Killings.

I've pointed you towards a new rabbit hole concerning Zodiac - dive in!
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Response by poster: @jbenben - Will have to check him out. It was the overall experience of the show, and how it was put together and all that is what I am trying to track down...but hey, I don't look at any sort of fun rabbit hole with disdain. He may know someone who knows someone...
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