Is there a good replacement for BBC Mundo Radio?
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I am looking for a good replacement for a dearly-departed Spanish language news podcast, BBC Mundo Radio.

When BBC Mundo Radio mysteriously/sadly disappeared a couple years ago, I kept meaning to find a replacement. Now I really need to get back to daily or nearly daily practice. Basically, if there is a good Spanish-language podcast of similar quality, lay it on me. My criteria for the podcast are pretty flexible - up to and including content - but here it is if you need some guidance or aren't familiar with BBC Mundo Radio:

- I'd like a news program, but basically if it is content appropriate for NPR here in the US, it'll be fine. Interview shows are okay, even if they are limited in scope to one subject. This American Life-esque radio diaries are good too. Not good: game shows. Or Click-and-Clack-style gufffaw-y humor shows. It's all just too much for me.

- I'd like it to be of a reasonable length that I can burn through it without feeling like I have to schedule a sit-down session with it. BBC Mundo Radio was great for that because each daily episode was pretty short and included a rundown of the day's top headlines from Spanish-speaking countries. Pretty much up to an hour is fine, but the shorter the better.

- I'd like the dialects to be newsworthy. BBC Mundo Radio was also great for this because it featured a range of dialects from reporters all over the world, but they were all easily understood. Non-journalist podcasts always seem to be hit-and-miss on this score, so I'd prefer to stay away from that unless you can vouch for its quality.

There have been a couple posts tagged with Spanish and podcast which have included some recommendations. I hoped someone would have some more specific recommendations for programs like what I'm looking for. (ie which of the Radio Nacional de EspaƱa programs am I looking for)
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Radio Ambulante is like This American Life in Spanish.
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I was also saddened when BBC Mundo's podcast disappeared. I've been a subscriber of Democracy Now's Spanish feed for almost a year now. It's less than fifteen minutes but has a narrow variety of speakers. My only complaint with it has been that the audio is noticeably compressed so it's hard to listen to sometimes.
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