I've seen her type before: scandalous Brooklyn dining
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Brooklyn dining, scandalous dress edition. Boyfriend's birthday is next week and I found a great low-cut, backless dress that will look ridiculously out of place in most dining establishments I frequent in Brooklyn. Suggestions for dinner with good food (emphasis on good food), price not an issue, where I won't feel crazy for dressing in a Manhattan scene-y way? Park Slope is home base but absolutely willing to travel.
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It's be ├╝ber sexy if you did it at home and had a fancy meal delivered with candles on the table, etc. but that's an outside the box suggestion.
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What kind of food? And what places do you frequent where you feel like your dress is out of place? I disagree that Brooklyn is necessarily that casual more "anything goes"

Anyway la vara (Spanish tapas) on I think Clinton would work or Colonie on Atlantic definitely
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Vinegar hill house is the best food in Brooklyn and no one would mind your dress (plus cute wine bar next door) but the
Waiters wear plaid and it's kind of homey interior. Super duper good food though
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Dressler just closed or would have been perfect maybe try places
Similar to dresser in yelp.

Or Alma or Peter Luger but they are
More "expected"
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If you post a link to the dress, I think that would help some of us gauge the dress and the venue (seriously).

I have at times worn fancy dress garments to very casual dining establishments (think Cracker Barrel) but I mostly did that in larger groups so perhaps there was an implication of safety in numbers?
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If price really isn't relevant, there's The River Cafe. He'll need to wear a jacket and tie.
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River cafe hasn't reopened yet since Sandy I don't think. It says "late June" so you might want to call but I go by there a lot and it hasn't looked ready/open.
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Native NYer seconding Peter Luger if only because it is a once in a llifetime place.

And FWIW, I think the problem of having to choose a restaurant based on an awesome sexy dress is probably the most awesome problem I've ever seen on AskMe.

I thought I was the only one who buys crazy-sexy dresses and then builds activities and travel around them (take THAT, Clinton and Stacy!).
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Native NYer saying No No No to Peter Luger (sorry sweetkid, rare departure!). Old folks and tourists.

That dress wants to be at the top of the Standard in the meatpacking district.
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Oops, sorry sweetkid, I mis-attributed the Peter Luger comment!
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While Peter Luger's is pretty great, yeah, it's not where that dress wants to be. People wear pretty much anything there these days, like flip flops, sports jerseys and jean shorts. Really.

Depending on your budget/ability to get reservations:
Chef's Table
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Aw man, I'm kind of sad that Peter Luger has turned into tourist casual. When I was a kid, it was the bomb-diggity for fancy-schmancy dining.

Disregard the recommendation. But I still love the problem.
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Best answer: Saul is a little tame for a dress like that. It's sort of well lit and comfortable. My parents were really happy there in business casual, to give you an idea.

I've been wracking my brain and I think you'll do best in Williamsburg. Not that restaurants in South Brooklyn aren't cool, but I don't really know any with great food that are also sort of dark and "scene-y" like you said. You could definitely wear something like that to Clover Club for an awesome drink, but the food is nothing special.
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I'm from the area and recommend 3 that suit your needs well :

The Archive Bar (Marriott Brooklyn, dinner, elegant atmosphere)

Water Street Restaurant

River Cafe
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Vinegar Hill House is definitely a delicious option.

I'm most familiar with Williamsburg:

St. Anselm is an amazing place for steak. You'd probably want to grab a reservation there if possible.

Other spots in Wburg...

Aurora is pretty classy, food is good, and they have a gorgeous patio
St. Charles Cellar is a little wine cellar, and the bar upstairs is beautiful, with live music most nights (also a great patio)
Marlow and Sons, always great
Maison Premiere...not sure what their food is like beyond the oysters, but the vibe is right if you can get a table.
El Almacen

I've never tried Gwynnett Street but it keeps coming up as a recommendation.

Lighthouse has great food, although just a little more casual. Same with Potlikker.

Anella - only been there for brunch though. ;)

Two places for good recommendations, generally: Immaculate Infatuation...

and the Ness app, which I just downloaded recently, and has been coming in handy.
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Best answer: You could definitely wear something like that to Clover Club for an awesome drink, but the food is nothing special.

You could also go to Char No. 4 down the street for excellent food, whiskey, and though small a nice, plush atmosphere. Here is a shot of the interior. It's really an amazing place.

Williamsburg also has a great number of restaurants, but if you're starting in Park Slope South Williamsburg (Cobble Hill, Vinegar Hill, etc) has more than enough so you don't have to take a big trip.
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Response by poster: Thanks to all for the suggestions! I think it will be Char No 4 and Clover Club. He's a huge whiskey fan; I can't believe we haven't been yet, and Clover Club has long been on my list. And also the very first suggestion from zizzle of doing a dinner at home with drinks out afterward or vice versa (grilling a steak in a scandalous dress? I might just stop his heart) - that's a keeper for a date night.

I'd post a pic but the dress was a find from the City Opera Thrift Store. Not "teehee, here's some cleavage", but "whoa, there are all of her tanlines" if I had gotten any sun yet this year.

And thanks to elzabet for the Ness suggestion - hadn't heard of that. My first stop in figuring this situation out was in fact Immaculate Infatuation.
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You will not be disappointed w Char No 4! Especially if he's a whiskey fan. Spend time at the bar, the bartenders are amazing and will treat you really really well.
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