Looking for a shoe. A very specific shoe.
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So, I desperately wanted these shoes... ...but I waited for them to go on sale and now they're sold out in my size. None available on Ebay either. Help me find a similar pair, metafilter geniuses! This seems to be a hard style to find. I've looked around the internet a lot but my searches have been fruitless. Thank you!
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Did you call them? I have often found that retailers will have several pairs returned but don't relist the item. Plus, if you call they can search store inventories for you.
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Response by poster: I did that but when I called the stores they said they didn't have 'em. Sadface.
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I would do an ebay search alert to email you if someone happens to be auctioning these - especially if they just sold out, it is very likely someone will be putting a pair up for sale soon.
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Did you do the online check store availability thing? Obviously don't know your size but I found two stores selling size 7s within 200 miles of NYC. It would be tedious but you could try every store by searching on various 200 mile radiuses... and then if you find them, call the store immediately to make sure they really have them.

Another thing I would absolutely do is set up an eBay saved search to email you daily if anything pops up. I saw a completed listing for size 9s, but the seller pulled the listing.

If you want similar shoes, it'd be helpful to know what elements in particular you really like about those shoes - is it the two-tone, the platform, the closed toe + strappy sides, etc. etc.
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Response by poster: Payoto, thanks for looking! Doing the online store check thing now!

I like the two tone, platform, and the closed toe strappy thing. Basically everything you described. Would just like to find a shoe that looks like this.
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Best answer: This is fairly similar, no criss-cross straps. Sold out there but could be another style to look out for on ebay or other sites.

If you could do open toe, this is vaguely similar (maybe even this or this).
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I just found a shoe I think may be a winner, and it's available on Amazon. This shoe seems to hit the main points -- two-tone black and tan, closed toe, cross straps, although it's a slightly lower heel, and the heel is dark.
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